aluminium lourves


Our Custom Designed Aluminium ranges recognise the importance of design flexibility & all the desirable qualities homeowners & commercial operators want – Durability, good looks, flexibility, style & most importantly low maintenance.
Each home/premises has its own personality and we have a solution for every budget & character.

Fixed Aluminium:
Our aluminium window awnings are a long lasting & durable Bullnose or Flat Style aluminium panel with the under structure finished in a gloss white.
They are available in a range of colour combinations and are very low maintenance and completely waterproof & very tough!!

Adjustable Louver slat:

Adjustable aluminium louver awnings are super effective awnings for total heat, breeze, weather & light control.

These particular adjustable awnings are totally versatile meaning you can simply open the horizontal panels (think outdoor Venetian) to control the amount of light and breeze by an easy to use winder handle that can be fitted internally or externally.

The panels can also be opened fully to allow almost uninterrupted views, or you can close them for maximum protection and privacy.