clear PVC Rope n Pully with Zippers

clear-pvc Zipscreen side spline


­ Australia leads the world in outdoor blind & awning design, due to our perfect climate which allows us to live and entertain outdoors.

Clear PVC blinds are ideal for enclosing your commercial or private living and entertaining areas such as pergolas, cafes, bistros, restaurants & poolside cabana’s.

Made especially for our Northern Rivers climate, all clear or tinted PVC blinds are custom made and fitted and are available in 0.75mm PVC with a choice of custom finishes to suit country-style or beachside living.

With a variety of options to choose from they provide year round protection against the discomfort of wind, rain and draughts while maintaining the view of your surrounds and protecting your outdoor living area & furniture.

By enclosing a certain area in this blind style you virtually create another room keeping the heat, pets & kids in & the winter chill & nuisance rain out.

Our most popular systems inc;

Cord n Pulley Operation with Side Zippers

Crank Handle straight drop style with hold down tension cleats.

Zipscreen side spline blinds

clearpvc Rope n Pully with zippers