Fabric Awnings



Probably the best known & used spring loaded adjustable awning system.

This system comes complete with its own head box that we can custom colour co-ordinate to suit your design needs.

Easy to use Self-locking arms provide simple shade adjustment by hand or by a pull stick to variable heights. Simply twist the base rail to release the spring tension to adjust your awning height.

The fabric automatic system is very durable in stormy/windy areas and like all our fabric awning ranges can be made using either of the 3 major fabric awning types as listed below:

Outlook PVC Coated Polyester Screen Mesh-  Keeps the view, allows airflow, maximum durability & is 94% sun block & weather resistant under normal conditions.

Acrylic Fabric- Light Filtering, Total privacy, 98% sun Block

Canvas- 100% Total Blockout and total weather protection.



The traditional Veranda rope n pulley straight drop is the most economically priced, easiest & quickest to operate, by simply pulling down on the rope the bottom roller rolls the blind up out of the way. This style of blind can also be made to suit awkward shaped openings & sloping designs for that perfect fit. We can add zipper sides to this style as well to create your own bistro style fully sealed area.


TWIST LOCK AUTO:  (Side Channel)

Our Best seller! Similar operation style to the Fabric Auto’s with its spring tension system. This sleek modern system is operated by simply twisting the base rail which allows the blind to travel up and down the side channels and being able to “twist lock” the blind in at any height. With no handles or operation controls to hinder the look, the “twist lock” is a very clean & streamlined looking adjustable outdoor blind.


ALPHA STRAIGHT DROP:  (Crank Handle Operation)

Is a more user friendly, modern & innovative outdoor blind with a greater variety of “hold down” options to fully customise the clients design requirements and is finished off nicely with its own designer base rail. Easy manual operation with rotating crank designed handle ensures minimal effort even over large area expanses, so is ideally suited to the mature aged client and hard to reach areas. The crank handle easily de-tatches to keep elsewhere to enhance the clean lines of the blind.


ZIPSCREEN: (Side Retention zLock Spline Seal)

Our Deluxe Side retention system is designed to allow you to make the most of your alfresco entertaining areas, the total seal provided by Zipscreen’s patented zLOCK technology protects you from not only sunlight ,wind & rain but from those annoying summer spoiling mozzies & insects ensuring complete all year round comfort.

Available in Crank handle, spring or motorised operation these unique systems can be finished off with its famous sleek fully enclosed headbox to complete the new modern look of today’s PREMIUM technology..



Crank handle operated or motorised with its fully or semi enclosed modern headbox, this durable fabric awning system is specifically Designed to withstand high winds and adverse weather. Pivot arm awnings operate by using concealed springs in the arms to extend the awning out. This creates a larger area between the awning and window enabling greater air flow as well as giving room for windows to be opened.



Folding arm awnings are a unique way to provide a roll away shade cover & weather solution or to extend your home’s outdoor living area without the need for posts or frames with its fold-away mechanism that leaves your outdoor area free of any obtrusive structure. Folding arm awnings are crank handle operated & can be fitted with a motor to open and close at the push of a button. Our personal favourite the “Stein” system can do up to a 6m width.