Western Red Cedar: (Lacquered)

Nothing matches the charm, aroma & unique natural features of Natural Cedar.
Western Red Cedar is a medium density timber that is very
lightweight and also offers the best thermal properties (insulation) of all natural timber products.

Available in either: Light to medium block tones or medium to dark block tones.

Cedar is delightfully pure and natural with an artistic contrast in its grain that is elegant & timeless.



We have the latest & greatest custom made imitation Timber Venetian products on the market including the new 63mm shutter size blade which is fast becoming the product to have!!!

Made from advanced polystyrene (not PVC plastics) you won’t believe that these are not real timber and are much more economically priced than Cedar & other natural Timber products.

With todays advanced technology & design we have co-ordinated a Timber-look tone & grain to compliment or enhance any environment.

More durable, more scratch & weather resistant, perfect in your wet areas and easy to clean, our custom made Timber-looks are my personal favourite & are the perfect option for people wanting to capture cooling breezes without compromising privacy & shade.

“I endorse and represent all our products faithfully as I have them all in my own homes so I know exactly how they perform & I will not settle nor stand for cheap readymade imitations.”