white poly venetians

white poly venetian


“How do you make a Venetian blind”????….. (Poke him in the eyes!!!…)

The original classic simple aluminium horizontal slatted window blind has been around since the late 1700’s with its first real coming of age being its installation in Rockefeller Centre’s RCA Building (better known as the Radio City building) in New York City at the turn of the 20-th century.

One of the earliest patents for a window shade is in 1888 by G. L. Castner………………………Ok…so enough of your history lesson………….

If you are looking for a simple fuss free window blind with complete light and privacy control at the turn of a wand or tilt of a cord then this timeless classic has no peer.

Whatever colour palate you desire be it, cool naturals, fresh whites, classy antique whites or custom timber tones we have a peerless variety of quality and range. The choice is yours!!!!…..

Using today’s technologies with polystyrene, poly resins and basswood cores the poly venetian has become the most complete, durable and versatile window blinds in today’s market……….and still my personal favourite!!

63mm ShutterLook Venetian system:

This Latest innovation is the product to have!!!

A modern twist on the traditional 50mm venetian blade, the wider blade enables easy cleaning, and is a great alternative to expensive Shutters.

Slimline (25mm) Aluminium:

Our European designed slimline Venetian is the best looking & strongest 25mm aluminium venetian blind on the planet.

Unlike its predecessors that have a dated boring square head rail and fragile rotation wand drive mechanism, our FABER SOFTLINE slimline 25mm system has an inspirational curved designer head rail ( think European sports car ) and a strong and direct drive geared rotation wand that leaves the other systems for dead!!!!

Fully colour co-ordinated and seamless in modern design the FABER SOFTLINE aluminium slimline is superb in an office/corporate environment.