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The Modern Vertical blind system is the most versatile and affordable window furnishing on the market where you can choose from an incredible range of long-life, low maintenance fabrics.


Perfect for Sliding Doors and windows as we can customise the direction to where the Verticals can slide back to.

The blades emulate soft draperies; drawn like a curtain the blades are then rotated to provide light control and privacy in a simple operation.

Vertical Blinds can be matched to your roller blinds and other blind selections, resulting in an elegant flow through effect in open plan living areas.


Our standard Vertical system is a “Chainless” weighted system (no chains along the bottom of the blades) using a 127mm wide blade as standard with the Wand Control option, a perfect combination for maximum durability and child safety.


Todays tracking operation system is a slimline aluminium extrusion that can be made either standard cord n chain operation or the preferred wand control to which we give a 10 year warranty.

For a little extra cost we can offer a slimline 100mm Vertical blade or the option to have the “chains” along the bottom to link your blades together.

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